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 Forum Pet Shop

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PostSubject: Forum Pet Shop   Forum Pet Shop I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 3:15 am

Hey People!

GM Tifa here!

Okay! We have added a new function in the forum!

The Forum Pets drunken
anyways.. The pets don't do much.. They are just a design for your forum profile lol! you won't do anything with them... But here's the good news..

Once you buy a pet in the forum.. you will get a free pet in-game!
Ex. You buy a pet cat in the forum and then we will give you a pet cat in-game!

Laughing To get one just fill this up a nd send a private message to me

Forum name:

Forum Name:Tifanny023
Group: Cats1
Number: 1

Cats1 and Number 1 is this pic:
Forum Pet Shop 2i9qyb7

NOTE: You need to have 650 forum points to get a pet...

Don't know how to get or where to find forum points?
read the topic here!:

Here are the pets!


Forum Pet Shop 2i9qyb7 Forum Pet Shop 21dlfex Forum Pet Shop 308z3es Forum Pet Shop W9fz85 Forum Pet Shop T7bmvm


Forum Pet Shop Xkr6g8 Forum Pet Shop 2dw6hkw Forum Pet Shop 33ehikl


Forum Pet Shop F27c6u Forum Pet Shop Bip62v


Forum Pet Shop 241ng5y Forum Pet Shop 5zmcyd Forum Pet Shop Nh1iqc Forum Pet Shop Xckhg3 Forum Pet Shop 11sp46t


Forum Pet Shop 2q9djtc Forum Pet Shop Idhwgh Forum Pet Shop 2wf4yvd

Well.. I can't post too much ahaha.. but there is a LOT...

And you can choose your own.. from anywhere and not from this list..
example you want a dragon pet from another website but there's no dragon in this list so you just have to private message me Smile

By Filling out the Form:

Forum Name:
Image (maximum size is 75x75):

NOTE: The Price for your own pet is 300 forum points..
P.S. In-game pets are not included when you make your own Forum Pet Shop Icon_razz

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Forum Pet Shop
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