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 Forum Pet Shop

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PostSubject: Forum Pet Shop   Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:15 am

Hey People!

GM Tifa here!

Okay! We have added a new function in the forum!

The Forum Pets drunken
anyways.. The pets don't do much.. They are just a design for your forum profile lol! you won't do anything with them... But here's the good news..

Once you buy a pet in the forum.. you will get a free pet in-game!
Ex. You buy a pet cat in the forum and then we will give you a pet cat in-game!

Laughing To get one just fill this up a nd send a private message to me

Forum name:

Forum Name:Tifanny023
Group: Cats1
Number: 1

Cats1 and Number 1 is this pic:

NOTE: You need to have 650 forum points to get a pet...

Don't know how to get or where to find forum points?
read the topic here!:

Here are the pets!







Well.. I can't post too much ahaha.. but there is a LOT...

And you can choose your own.. from anywhere and not from this list..
example you want a dragon pet from another website but there's no dragon in this list so you just have to private message me Smile

By Filling out the Form:

Forum Name:
Image (maximum size is 75x75):

NOTE: The Price for your own pet is 300 forum points..
P.S. In-game pets are not included when you make your own

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Forum Pet Shop
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